Caline CB-105 Pedalboard with Carry Bag

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Caline CB-105 Pedalboard with Carry Bag

Hollow design enabls convenient wire arrangement, The elastic string fix the power supply very well in the bottom of the pedalboard. The padal board suits any volumes of power supply: Caline CP-05,CP-06+,P1, P6, CP-201, T-rex, VoodooLab ,etc.


1.Material: Aluminium alloy casing, light-weight and very strong

2.With Carry bag convenient for Musicians carry when go out play or practice at home.  

3.Pedalboard Size: 56x30.5x 6.5cm

4.Pedalboard Weight: 1.5kg

5.Package size: 62x38.5x 13cm

6.Package weight: 3.2kg



1 padalboard

1 soft carry bag 

1* 2.5M adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing pedals