DCP-03 DEVILFISH Chorus Delay

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Based on Caline Blue Ocean Delay CP-19+Azor MINI pedal chorus
The left side Delay: With the Blue Ocean it's really easy to quickly dial in some great delay tones right out of the box. It's incredibly natural sounding and lets the tone of your guitar shine through. The CP19 has up to a 600ms delay time and when used in conjunction with Repeat can be used to create either slap back effects or standard delay. Takes a 9v battery or power supply and is True Bypass design design, with aluminum alloy casing like most Caline pedals. Build in a durable metal housing with sturdy knobs and a blue on LED.
•"LEVEL" knob: set the level of delayed signal,which mix with straight guitar tone.
•"DELAY" knob: control the delay time from 25ms to 600ms
•"REPEAT" knob: control the repeat of the delay signal. 
The Right side Chorus: Pure analog chorus sound
Caline DCP-03 Devilfish Chorus/Delay - Get ready to swim deep into a caves of modulated echoes and aquatic delays with The Devilfish. The right side is that classic reliable chorus players have grown to love over the years. The left side is our customers favorite delay The Ghost Rain reverb delay. The two sounded so magical individually we had to place them together in one place. Ocean like tones at your feet...dive in.