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Based on our popular Orange burst CP-18 ovedrive and Caline CP-97 Villain boost
The right side Boost: your gain need a bit of extra grit and push in volume, this boost is what you need. Starting at 2db, our boost makes it easy to get that "special touch" tone. Our pedal offers 2db to +20dB of wicked boost for tone shaping. One knob control: +2db,+4db,+8db,+12db,+16db,+20db
The left side Overdrive: There are four main control knobs on the pedal - Gain, Treble, Vol, and Bass. Gain allows you to go from a barely noticeable boost to a boost with a hint of fuzz. The Treble and Bass controls are a great way to cut and boost your frequencies even further. So combined these controls allow a great deal of versatility. The CP-18 is durably constructed and should live up to the pressures of gigging despite its low price.
Caline DCP-06 The Sundance Special Overdrive+Boost. Our customers enjoy our Orange Burst Overdrive and Recluse Boost pedals so much we decided to combine them! Tame your sound or add a bunch of wild grit to your tone, whatever the job may be... Sundance will brighten up your rainy day!