DCP-11 Andes Boost Overdrive

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Based on Caline CP-12 Pure Sky+CP-97 Villain Boost
The left side Overdrive: The Pure Sky has a great high end with plenty of transparency. It can either be used as a overdrive or can be used in more of an EQ role being always on and used to shape your tone. The 4 knobs allows massive versatility in your sound. You can cut or boost with surprising precision. In terms of build quality the Pure Sky really impresses.
The right side Boost: Your gain need a bit of extra grit and push in volume, this boost is what you need. Starting at 2db, our boost makes it easy to get that "special touch" tone. Our pedal offers 2db to +20dB of wicked boost for tone shaping. One knob control: +2db,+4db,+8db,+12db,+16db,+20db
Introducing The DCP-11 Andes Overdrive/Boost. On the left is the pedal that some consider to be one of the best affordable pedals ever made, our Pure Sky overdrive. The right side is our recently popular Recluse boost. The middle is the Voice, which switches the order of both sides stacked.