Caline CP-501S Sathanas Distortion

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CP-501S  Salhanas  Distortion

The Caline Sathanas is a rowdy, out of control distortion pedal designed to emulate the unique sound of a cranked British 100 Watt stack with everything on eleven.

The Sathanas is equally at home through clean amps and those with a little hair – sending the saturation into sweet singing harmonics that provide rich overtones and sweet feedback.

 A simple three way control set gives you a widely versatile set of options: The Distortion control takes you from Texas Blues crunch to full on Thrash and Metal. T

he tone stack is voiced for to deliver on a wide range of guitar and amp tones, from very dark to very bright, the Sathanas is equally at home. 

Volume offers a surprising amount of Boost and the pedal would also be ideal for pushing a dirty tube amp over the edge as a lead boost for solos.

From sizzling blues to hair metal to heavy metal and all points in between, the Sathanas has everything you need to riff harder than you ever did before!


Volume Knob: Controls the speed of the effect (and pitch on settings 4 and 7)

TONE Knob: Controls the overall tone of the EQ

Distortion Knob: Controls the amount of gain added to your signal


True Bypass

Aluminium alloy casing

Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative

Current consumption: 50 mA